How to Spot Red Flags in Online Casinos

Nathan Bennett
Nathan Bennett
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How to spot red flags in online casinos

The world of online casinos appears to be growing exponentially. More and more people are now signing up for an account and enjoying all what online casinos have to offer. However, everyone needs to be aware that some online casinos have more than a few red flags. These red flags may be found in the payment procedures too.

Let’s take a look at how you can spot red flags in payment procedures.

You’re Asked To Provide Sensible Data

All online casinos ask every player to provide some personal data. The data asked for typically includes your name, email address, date of birth, and a few payment details. Players should, however, be aware that some unlicensed/illegal casinos may ask for more information such as passwords or financial details.

Data such as these could be sold to other third parties or used for . If you sign up to an online casino, be careful, especially if your account is suspended. If you’re asked to confirm your credit cards numbers and pin, walk away. The information you gave when you initially signed up to the casino should be more than enough.

Your Winnings Are Delayed or They’re Not Paid

Every legitimate online casino will mention how long it will take to make payments and when you should receive your money. However, players should spot a red flag if winnings are not paid or there’s a long delay. Find out how long it takes for the online casino in question to pay out. Do your research and see what other players are saying about payment schedules.

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The longest amount of time a player should typically expect to wait is 9 working days. Any longer transaction means there could be an issue with that particular casino. It is mandatory, before starting to complain, to have filled in your account with your real data and to have fully read the terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions focused by a lens
If you have to explain your case to an online casino, it is essential that you understand its terms and conditions

Why Looking at Return To Player (RTP) is Important

An RTP relates to how much of their money a player is likely to get back over a specific period of time. Many online casino games have an RTP of at least 90%. However, casinos that have RTPs of less than 90% should be avoided. In addition to this, if the return to player amount is stated as being more than 98%, you should walk away.

All online casinos need to make money. However, they also need to attract as many players as possible. If an RTP is stated as being 98%, it means the casino is unlikely to make enough money to survive. Walk away as this is a huge red flag being waved.

While the RTP is not usually mentioned in the payment procedures, it’s something to be aware of. The RTP can and does affect how much money you’ll walk away with. This is why it makes sense to pay attention to it. If an online casino does not mention an RTP, again, this is a red flag.

To Conclude

It’s so important for all players to be aware that red flags can exist in a casino’s payment procedure. When you know what to look out for, you’re much less likely to fall victim to a scam or fraudulent activity.

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