YouTuber Callux Just Misses Out on £10,000 World Cup Bet

Nathan Bennett
Nathan Bennett
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Hugo Lloris

France keeper Hugo Lloris (pictured) just cost YouTuber Callux a big payday after he came off his goal line during a last minute penalty in the FIFA World Cup. [Image:]

A tough loss to take

UK-based YouTuber Callux has only just missed out on a £10,000+ ($12,264+) payday from an audacious double result parlay. All that stood between him and the money was an overzealous keeper who couldn’t keep himself on the goal line for long enough.

Callux, real name Callum Aaron McGinley, took to Twitter on Sunday to share the ultimate result of the £106 ($130) bet:

He backed both France and England to win their knockout stage matches 3-0. Despite the £11,000 ($13,519) amount quoted in his Tweet, a win at the odds of +9800 would have secured him profit of £10,388 ($12,762).

The 2018 World Cup champions ultimately beat Poland 3-1

England won their game against Senegal by the correct score, but it was France that let the YouTuber down. The 2018 World Cup champions ultimately beat Poland 3-1, conceding an extremely late penalty to ruin the clean sheet.

Agonizingly for Callux, French keeper Hugo Lloris saved the initial penalty only to have the referee rule that Poland could retake it. Lloris illegally came off his line before Poland striker Robert Lewandowski had struck the ball.

Twitter reacts

Callux, who has 1.7 million Twitter followers and 4 million YouTube subscribers, received a mixed response to the losing wager on social media.

KSI, one of the UK’s most popular content creators, merely responded:


Callux often collaborates with KSI and his British YouTube group the Sidemen.

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Meanwhile, some others commended his ability to predict the matches, even if he was one decision off the win. Twitter user @EYERUS4LEM even urged the YouTuber to start his own betting tips page:

Another social media user, @shaneJo99621847, argued that Lewandowski would have had another chance to retake the penalty had it been saved anyway, noting that Lloris came off the line a second time. He concluded the response with a warning for Callux: “Stop gambling bro, £100+ bets ain’t a good sign.”

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